How much does the program cost?
The costs associated with SPECTRA which include tuition, housing, board, and campus dining is covered by the program.  Students are responsible for purchasing their books, items, and supplies for their residence hall such as toiletries, linens, towels, school supplies, etc, Students are responsible for paying for some of the extra-curricular activities during SPECTRA that are not covered by the program and extra spending money.

How much will the textbooks cost?
The average price range for the cost of books is $200-$350 for the summer II session.

Can I bring my vehicle?
No, SPECTRA students are not permitted to have vehicles during the program.  You can ONLY ride in SPECTRA authorized vehicles, vehicles belonging to parents, guardians, and the people who are on your vehicle consent form.

Can I bring my moped, skateboard, or riding a scooter?
No, SPECTRA students are not permitted to have personal transporters during the program unless it has been cleared through the Office of Disability Services.

How will I get around?
The SPECTRA program provides transportation for off-campus activities.

How much time will I spend in classes?
You can plan on spending about 3 hours in an academic class daily in addition to time spent in workshops and special presentations. 

When will I know what classes I will be taking?
We (MSPS staff) will email your class schedule to you a week before classes start.

Will the courses I take during SPECTRA count towards graduation?
Yes, as long as you pass the courses you take during SPECTRA, they will count towards graduation. 

Can I choose my roommate?
Because meeting new people from other communities and states is an important facet of the SPECTRA program, you will not be able to choose your roommates.

Where will I stay during the SPECTRA program?
SPECTRA participants will reside in a residential hall on campus.

Can family and friends visit during the SPECTRA program?
In order to provide the safest experience possible, out of an abundance of caution,  SPECTRA will not allow family and friends to visit students during the program due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How do I connect my computer to the CMail network?
Signing up for CMail is an easy step-by-step process, which can be found on the Student Computing Support homepage.

Can students who have the LIFE Scholarship use the courses during the SPECTRA program to count towards 30 hours and the 3.0 GPA requirement?
Yes, the courses taken during SPECTRA count towards the criteria needed to renew the scholarship.

For more information about SPECTRA, please contact the Office of Multicultural Student Programs and Services at 843.953.5660 or msps@cofc.edu

The 2021 SPECTRA Parent/Guardian & Student Handbook will be sent via mail to participating students.