Programs and Events

Our Fall 2020 Events

Fall into Relaxation

Relax, Reflect, Release

Transformational Yoga

Motivational Monday


Our Spring 2019 Events

What Kind of Cupcake are You


Mardi Gras Flyer

Trill or Not Trill Flyer

Super Bowl Flyer

Lunar New Year Flyer

Winter Wonderland Flyer

Our Fall 2018 Events

Holiday Drop In Flyer

Project Condom Charleston Flyer

Minorities in Healthcare Flyer

Gender with Jen

Stand Out Rise Up

Pizza and Tie Dye

Charting a Path to Success

Our Spring 2018 Events

Super Bowl Flyer

Mardi Gras

Safe Zone


Mentor Matters Meet & Greet

Mentor Matters Meet and Greet

Mentoring Matters: Peer Mentor-Mentee Midterm Munchies

Study skill workshop for students as they prepare for finals

Midterm Munchies

Mentoring Matters:  Mentors-Mentees Bowling Nite at The Alley

A classic pastime for a great bonding experience between students, faculty, and staff.

Bowling Nite

Mentoring Matters: Mentor-Mentee Pizza, Wings-n-Thangz

Game night event for faculty, students, and staff. 

Pizza Wings n Thangz


The Excellence in Collegiate Education and Leadership (ExCEL) Awards

The ExCel Awards is an annual campus-wide program that recognizes faculty, staff, students, community groups, and/or individuals promoting excellence, diversity, and inclusion at the College of Charleston. Nominations may highlight excellence in academic achievement, teaching, student learning/leadership, athleticism, individual contributions to the campus community, and/or professional, social, and cultural leadership.  To view the 2018 ExCel Award Recipients, please click this link .

ExCEL Awards