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What is SCAMP?


SCAMP is the "South Carolina Alliance for Minority Participation"

Funding for SCAMP is received from the National Science Foundation funds for minority students (African American, Hispanic, and Native American) interested in pursuing a degree in science or math.

The SCAMP program is an academic enrichment program for underrepresented minorities who are majoring in science, technology, and mathematics (STEM) fields. SCAMP, which stands for South Carolina Alliance for Minority Participation, is partially funded by the National Science Foundation, the School of Science and Mathematics and the Office of Multicultural Student Programs and Services.  SCAMP program gives incoming minority students an opportunity to start their college program in the summer, participate in undergraduate research during their sophomore and junior years, and attend conferences and career orientations in their first year at the College of Charleston. The Summer Bridge component of SCAMP is held in conjunction with the Speedy Consolidation and Transition Program (SPECTRA) during the Summer II Session (July 12 – August 15, 2015).

Eligible students, selected by the Mathematics and Sciences professors will register for two courses in the Summer II session: Pre-Calculus, the accompanying Lab, and Calculations in Chemistry. All courses emphasize the concepts and skills that are required for all science majors. The complementary Pre-Calculus Laboratory is homework and tutoring support Lab will meet under the supervision of an outstanding mathematics professor for approximately two hours every day, Monday through Friday. In addition, SCAMP students will have special tutors to assist them and keep them on track.  Students will receive five (5) hours of college credit once they have passed the courses during the Summer II session. SCAMP students may receive a stipend for Fall, and once each year thereafter;  however, any stipend award is contingent upon the College’s current funding.
In Summary, the SCAMP program:
  • is a bridge program for rising college freshman students
  • designed for students interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)
  • provides an opportunity for students to challenge themselves academically
  • is an opportunity for students to increase their chances for academic success
  • prepares students for what to expect in these ever changing career fields
  • sharpens academic skills
  • presents an opportunity for students to participate in undergraduate research
Eligibility Requirements:
•     Must take the College of Charleston Math Placement Test by May 16, 2015 and score 61 or above (Information about the Mathematics Placement Test can be found at this link –
•     SAT Mathematics Score Range: 550-700
•     Must have taken and passed Algebra 3 and Trigonometry or Pre-calculus
•     Must have a high "A or B" academic average based on a 4.0 scale
•     SCAMP applications will be accepted until May 16, 2015.
•     Students having taken an "AP" mathematics course should submit AP scores as soon as possible
Students having taken mathematics coursework at another college while in high school (dual enrollment), must submit an official transcript to the College of Charleston’s Registrar Office.

The deadline for the SCAMP Summer Program is May 16, 2015. There are only fifteen spaces available, so you are strongly urged to APPLY NOW.

If you have any questions about this program please contact the director of SCAMP at 


SCAMPers are required to attend a mathematics workshop for Calculus (MATH 120) as well. Students participating in the Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics track will be eligible to participate in other South Carolina Alliance for Minority Participation (SCAMP) programs. These programs are designed to maximize the students’ best chances for success in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics